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Intellectual outputs

  • IO1: ECVET compliant curriculum and course material
  • IO2: Digital compendium of didactic training videos

IO1: ECVET compliant PSYCHOMOTORTRAINING curriculum and course material

The activities in this IO are focused on learning, acquiring and maintaining psychomotor, sensorimotor, perceptual, cognitive, social and emotional proficiencies. More concretely, the following aspects are highlighted: paying attention, interacting with materials, recognizing stimuli, suppressing passivity, altering behaviour, performing goal-oriented work, enhancing attention to others, improving social proficiency, learning to collaborate, learning to cope with emotionality, learning to accept responsibilities, and being able to put oneself in someone else’s place.

IO2: Digital compendium of didactic training videos

In order further to illustrate the training content provided by the curriculum and training modules, we decided that each partner will develop didactic training videos corresponding to the topics of the modules. They will illustrate the therapeutic practices according to the psycho-motorics approach (elements of innovation). They will be uploaded to an Android mobile application at Google Play, as well as iOS. The training materials will be provided via a multichannel approach: printed, online and mobile, using OSS frameworks.

android mobile app   ios mobile app

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